Has this winter overstayed it's welcome or what? Well, while we haven't been deluded into thinking that anything resembling "spring" is just around any corner, we are excited to announce our first show of 2015, Terence Smith's To and From, with an opening reception on May 1.

Many know Terence as co-owner of Garden State Surf & Art the former Beach Haven gas station transformed into the artistic surf-creative-curiosity shop that opened in the summer of 2014 with brother Jim. In addition to board shaper and creative builder, he is also an emerging fine artists.

“I saw Terence’s work and was sure I found raw, unharnessed, undeniable talent. After speaking to him, it became clear that he is not only passionate about creating his work but he was equally disciplined with his talent and ready to be championed by someone who cares," says Art Advisor/Curator, Elizabeth Burke Beaty.  Beaty, who lives in Holgate year-round now, has a 20-plus year proven track record of success for nurturing talent of the contemporary art world in Manhattan.

Since then Burke and Smith have been meeting every month in preparation for this exhibit. Both agree that there is nowhere else they’d rather debut Terence’s work that at Ann Coen Gallery. 

The event will begin at 6 p.m. with an opportunity to meet the artist. His portrait and landscape sketches will hang with his gorgeous hand-made wooden surf craft. Funk Shway, a six-piece playing their patented originals of Beach Haven surf rock and funk reggae tunes will provide entertainment. For more information, contact  Ann Coen Gallery 1418 Long Beach Boulevard, Surf City, NJ, (609) 339-9233.

Terence Smith - in - Pencils no.1 from Oak Leaf on Vimeo.