We could not be happier about the Julie Goldstein show "Women's Lifesaving League" last Friday night, or more grateful to everyone who came out to support. Between Julie's amazing work, the great July weather, all those cute kids, and the attendance, we feel very lucky. We had so much family, old friends, and new - over 200 people who came through the door.

Once again, Julie captured a moment of inspiration and told the story of the original NYC water women through her artwork. Every piece shows the amount of detail involved in her process and the originality of her work. Once again, thanks to the love from the SMASH NYC, NY NJ Surf, the Surfer's View, and the SandPaper.

The show sold out almost entirely, but will hang through Sunday, July 20.

If you are interested in a bag, there are more in the works. There are a few pieces of amazing apparel left, but as with the bags, you can contact Julie to get the right size. Here email is JulieGoldstein1@gmail.com. She will be on LBI all week and available for meetings at the Gallery for artwork (1418 Long Beach Blvd., Surf City.)

We want to thank everyone who came out, and especially Julie, Mark and Frankie. This is what it's all about.